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One Thing Every Self-Directed Investor Must Do – Part Two

If you have the knowledge, time and desire you absolutely should have a self directed portfolio.  The savings in fees alone will more than justify the added commitment required.

In my last article I discussed why every self-directed investor needed a portfolio business plan. As we age, the plan needs to age with us. Many of us have family disinterested in being responsible for active portfolio management. Presented is the simple passive management that can serve my wife and family. My last […]

Retirement Strategy: No, The World Is Not Sinking, But You’d Better Look Down

Risk is up.  The world is not ending.  It is certainly time to (re)evaluate your positions and and tolerance for risk.

The confluence of events both economic and political put the markets at a higher level of risk. Dividend growth investors MUST check their guts, their risk tolerance level, as well as the stocks invested in. Panic selling is NOT a strategy that will help. I do not want to sound like a broken […]

The Growing Digital Currency Market – What Does It Mean For Investors?

Do you own crypto?  Are you thinking about.  We are giving serious consideration to adding it to our strategy.

Growth in the digital currency market may be entering a new “speculative phase”, increasing the risk to some investors. The Blockchain technology underpinning these currencies appears disruptive and real and may have many use cases beyond the digital currency market. However, the digital currencies themselves, in their present form, are unlikely to ever […]