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There’s A Storm A Comin’

Do you pay into Social Security?  Do you expect to receive Social Security in your retirement.  This is a must read article from

Bloomberg interviewed Alicia Munnell from the Boston College Center for Retirement Research. She of course has come to be a thought leader for what ails the Social Security system. Shockingly, it boils down to three things: cutting benefits, raising the cap one way or another or some combo of both. I’ve framed it numerous times by saying that something will have to give.

Included in there is what I will bluntly call nonsense about replacement rates as in how much of someone’s income Social Security is intended to replace. There was talk in the interview about replacement rate dropping from 36% to 27% over some long period of time.

The Formula: How Much Will Social Security Benefits Increase In 2018?

Are you receiving Social Security benefits?  Read on to figure out what you can expect in 2018.

Summary: News media widely reported that a 2.2% increase in Social Security benefits is likely in January 2018. How is the COLA determined and how could anyone project it in early July? We need three months of data – inflation for July, August and September – to know the answer. My wife and I […]

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