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15 Reasons To Buy Bitcoin Near Its $3,525 High

So should you own some form of cryptocurrency like bitcoin?

Bitcoin set a new high at $3,525.  [And today, 8.14.17, it broke $4200.]  That doesn’t mean it has run its course. Here are 15 reasons why this is just the beginning. Since October 18, 2016, Bitcoin (Pending: COIN ) ( OTCQX:GBTC ) has had a place within The Black Swan Portfolio . It did incredibly well since that time, […]

Plan For The Worst

Though we may not know when, a market never goes in a straight line.  Plan accordingly…

Currently, things could not be better. Stocks are hitting all-time highs. Confidence is at record levels, and investors are “all in.” But maybe it is just for those reasons that we should take a pause. Records are records for a reason. Every strongly trending bull market throughout history has ended, usually very abruptly and […]

How to Know When It’s Wise to Place Your Rentals in a C or S-Corporation

Another great article from BiggerPockets.  If you are interested in Real Estate Investing you must plan to spend time doing research on their site.

Corporations get a bad rap in the investor community. This is often seen when an experienced investor who has shied away from corporations tells new investors that you do not need a corporation to start investing in real estate. They will then cite additional reasons as to why corporations are poor choices when undergoing entity structuring for your long-term rentals.

I encourage you to always keep an open mind when you read anything on the internet. Trust, but always verify. You should even verify the articles that I write, even though I’m a licensed professional

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If you invest in real estate or are even considering it be sure to check out BiggerPockets.  It’s an awesome resource.