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The Growing Digital Currency Market – What Does It Mean For Investors?

Do you own crypto?  Are you thinking about.  We are giving serious consideration to adding it to our strategy.

Growth in the digital currency market may be entering a new “speculative phase”, increasing the risk to some investors. The Blockchain technology underpinning these currencies appears disruptive and real and may have many use cases beyond the digital currency market. However, the digital currencies themselves, in their present form, are unlikely to ever […]

15 Reasons To Buy Bitcoin Near Its $3,525 High

So should you own some form of cryptocurrency like bitcoin?

Bitcoin set a new high at $3,525.  [And today, 8.14.17, it broke $4200.]  That doesn't mean it has run its course. Here are 15 reasons why this is just the beginning. Since October 18, 2016, Bitcoin (Pending: COIN ) ( OTCQX:GBTC ) has had a place within The Black Swan Portfolio . It did incredibly well since that time, […]

Plan For The Worst

Though we may not know when, a market never goes in a straight line.  Plan accordingly…

Currently, things could not be better. Stocks are hitting all-time highs. Confidence is at record levels, and investors are “all in.” But maybe it is just for those reasons that we should take a pause. Records are records for a reason. Every strongly trending bull market throughout history has ended, usually very abruptly and […]