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What if My Credit Isn’t Good

Can I be Approved with Bad Credit?

Credit Score pic

In many cases, the answer is yes. However, it does depend on what is making your credit bad. As an example, if you have unpaid medical or school bills you should be okay. If you have judgments from past landlords or unpaid utility bills, they must be paid before you would be approved.

Depending on the bad credit cause, we may be able to approve your rental application with a qualified co-signer, and/or by your paying a larger deposit. If your credit does not qualify you for any of those options, unfortunately, your application will be denied.

Why do I have to pay to apply to rent from you?

You charge me to apply?

Sometimes we are asked why we charge to accept an application.  Most Landlords and Property Management Companies charge a fee with the application before they will consider a tenancy.  This is simply because we are charged fees to verify the information you provide on the application and to run background and credit checks.  So simply, it costs us money and we pass along the cost.  Further we are charged for each adult applicant that we have to check out. That is why our charge is per adult that will be living in the rental unit.  At Anchor Group this isn’t a profit center.  We don’t make money on this fee. 

Current and Upcoming Vacancies

For Rent

We have one apartment available right now for rent. It is located in Montcalm County in the village of Six Lakes. Click here to see on a map.

It is a spacious two bedroom and one bath with approximately 1000 square feet of living space.  The laundry room comes already equipped with the washer and dryer.  It has two backyards.  The backyard on the other side of the back alley is large and has areas of sun and shade.

Lawn care is included.  You also receive a free post office box.  Trash pick-up is included in the rent.

The apartment has custom wood work throughout with tile and laminate flooring.  Click here to watch a video walk through on YouTube.

Rent is $595 per month plus utilities. Security Deposit is $500.  An application is available here.  We do background and credit checks on all our tenants.  There is a fee of $15 per adult. 

Anchor Group NA, LLC is an Equal Housing Opportunity business.